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N-VA is Flander’s largest political party and was the winner of the recent local community elections in october 2012. N-VA adopted Drupal Commons to improve collaborative workflow on documents to support the political wings of the N-VA party.

Why Drupal was chosen: 

N‐VA has a history of working with Drupal. The corporate N‐VA website is a Drupal website. Every local department, member of parliament and minister of N-­VA has his own drupal website.

Describe the project (goals, requirements and outcome): 

Business background
In order to simplify the internal communication flow the Flemish political party N-VA did a requirements study which proved the need for a structured collaborative platform. The rapid expansion of the organisational units within the political party needed a user-friendly environment where 300 party coworkers and over 3.000 volunteers and officials could easily communicate and collaborate on documents.

Technical Objective
Many collaborative facilities that were implemented were done so based on out-of-the-box facilities of Drupal Commons. Users required to independently configure their profile pages. The Calendar and Agenda were adapted. The Document Management facilities and collaborative features required custom coding and add-ons to Drupal Commons. A hierarchical document storage solution was built with respect for every users’ permissions and access restrictions.The result is a fully operational co-working space where users can work on documents from within separate Workgroups and Subgroups. A document publishing workflow between factions and moderators maintains a consistent document repository.

Business Results
The N-VA’s political breadth reaches both the Belgian Federal as well as the Flemish Government and even the European Parliament. The supporting organisation of the party plays a crucial role in the preparation of its political program. The traditional file server is accessible through the Drupal Commons collaborative platform, stimulating the co-creating of content. Collaboration has become noticeably more efficient thanks to the quick lookup of coworkers within collaborative Workgroups. Disclosing party wide information to local subsidiaries and party officials has immensely improved.

Key modules/theme/distribution used: 
Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen: 

N-­VA has a history of working with Drupal. The corporate N‐VA website is a Drupal website. Every local department, member of parliament and minister of N‐VA has his own drupal website.

Organizations involved: 
Project team: 

Wunderkraut Belgium (Antwerp & Ghent): Imre Gmelig Meijling, Michael Zenner, Dieter Beheydt, Kristof De Jaeger, Cedric Spillebeen, Matthias Vandermaesen, Els Van der Jeught

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