It would be great if this module was compatible with the features/strongarm modules. I know BUEditor has a built-in export of available editors, but for sites with complicated editor configurations and role-editor assignments, it would be great to be able to lock all that information down with features to prevent mistakes during deployment.


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Priority: Minor » Normal

Agreed. ;) I wouldn't call this minor. I think this is at least a 'normal' request, if not major. Being able to export configuration to code would be hugely useful for this module. It'd help us manage deployment on itself, and it'd be useful for other sites. I would highly recommend going with a ctools exportables approach (which gives us features integration "for free"), since it's the defacto standard now for this sort of thing.

There's a small chance this itch will become large enough that I'll scratch it myself (in which case I'll obviously share a patch ASAP). But for now, just registering my enthusiastic support if anyone has a chance to work on this. ;)


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Priority: Normal » Major

I'm bumping this to major as well. Makes it really hard to deploy this module.

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Version: 7.x-1.5 » 7.x-1.x-dev


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And now?