I have problems with custom breadcrumb when using a main-menu to set the breadcrumb as well as setting append page title.

It seems to work only after the first level see below

-item a works only displays home | title
--item b does not work displays home | title
---item c works displays home | item a | item b | title

The problem I have is I don't get any error messages so I'm finding it difficult to troubelshoot why this would be happening.


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So far I have tried the following but none have worked.

Changed the theme
Cleared the cache.
Manually cleared the menu cache
Reinstalled the module
Created a new menu and tried using that instead of the main menu.

Like I said before I'm struggling to find out how to troubleshoot.

Cheers Dan

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I'm still struggling with this issue, I'm not sure how I can troubleshoot it, I now have test environment that mirrors live.

Cheers Dan

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