Download drush-7.x-5.8.tar.gztar.gz 400.04 KB
MD5: 1ec16e87b73c94739faa98a00a8c3538
SHA-1: d4578feb4be3143d08045c2c55d80e5905315e03
SHA-256: 15dd85f04c49b4a896b02dd6960d3140f3ae680bab3eea5d3aba27be0481e480
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MD5: d6b3d5080262cf3988d7b65ccd0e7ec5
SHA-1: 805a1e97450f929612dd5c8cc67a043c5be50185
SHA-256: 17cbdeecd3498c7839f0b006d450c5574a9e1ff1558d7e5c044e590867307c31

Release info

Created by: jonhattan
Created on: November 12, 2012 - 21:01
Last updated: November 30, 2012 - 20:53
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-5.7:

  • fix archivedump test by picking a version of drupal and by creating dirs recursively.
  • Backport marking of the site-install Drupal 6 test and a D6 sql-sync test as being D6 specific.
  • Improve error reporting when running sql-query on non-bootstrappable sites.
  • For browser opening, don't check the DISPLAY environment variable when running in simulate mode, so we can test consistently.
  • Remove hostname from logged browser URL in user-login test.
  • Fix directory path for completetest commandfile.
  • Improve isolation of complete tests, to avoid incidental breakages when adding/removing core commands.
  • #1829596 by Owen Barton: More turbo - more flexibility in parameters, path redirection, browser detection/opening.
  • In pm-list, test extension info 'package' for 'Core' instead of testing 'version' when handling --core and --no-core options
  • Fix --filter option on help command.
  • #1829596 by greggles: Added ULI needs a turbo.
  • #1828212 by kalabro: Check private files variable 'file_private_path' correctly
  • Fix --filter with no value in drush help
  • #1823830 by greg.1.anderson: Add a sample shell alias to output an alias record for the current site
  • Try to fix test fail in travis in pmEnDisUn
  • #1715184 by jonhattan: Run tests on drupal any major version of Drupal.
  • #1829536 by agentrickard, stevevector: Added Remove 'nodeaccess' from cache clear and fix clear bug.
  • Fix name of db file in manifest during archive-dump.
  • Added more groups to test to make it easier to run them on travis.
  • travis.yml should match whats in master.
  • #1823774 by jonhattan | hekele: Fixed php delimiter missing in settings.php .
  • Fix refactor in sqlconnectTest.
  • #1830096 by benjifisher: Fixed Typos in example.drushrc.php.
  • Minor fix to prevent warnings in quick-drupal where a backend call to the enable command clears the cache and the parent process is expecting it to exist.
  • end of sql-connect test should skip if not using mysql.
  • Follow-up to issue #1693452 to fix expected md5 sum of git-simple.make file when run with --no-gitinfofile option.
  • #1825946: Make fails to identify mime type of json2.js (identified as .tar)
  • Drop drupal 8 support in drush 5.x
  • #1794742 by greg.1.anderson: Respect 'php' setting in site alias for remote command dispatch
  • #1735230 by greg.1.anderson: Remote commands should exit with an error status code on failure.
  • #1821888: Use proper exit code when failing on insufficient PHP version
  • #1821648 by kristofferwiklund: Added Change text in sql-sync.
  • #1816192 by greg.1.anderson: Add comment warning users off of DRUSH_DRUPAL_VERSION / DRUSH_DRUPAL_MAJOR_VERSION
  • Fix warning in sa with no bootstrapped site
  • #1814818 by jhedstrom: Fixed For D6 updatedb, caches are cleared in a PHP process that precedes updates.
  • #1693452 by jhedstrom: Fixed Drush make should be on the same page as drupalorg for .info file rewrites.
  • #1809134 by danillonunes: Fixed Minor typo in drush.api.php.
  • #1789594 by juampy: Fixed Wrong external link to Git Aliases in the documentation.
  • Clean up display of temp path in st command.
  • Enhance help command with --format option. You may now get the full command definitions for all available drush commands in json or var_export formats.
  • Refactor categorization of commands into own function. Used by help command.
  • Better code comment - help command.
  • #1722676 by Bobík: Fixed drush archive-dump @sites - wrong manifest.
  • Fix database dump that happens during archive-dump when using sqlite.
  • #1775520 by dmitry_bezer | jaminion: Fixed Windows Drush: core update issue with destination directory already existing.
  • Fix config bug: drush5rc.php ignored with $options['config'][]
  • #1255708 by greg.1.anderson, kid_icarus, rickmanelius: Use quick-drupal with drush make
  • In example bash functions, use "ls" instead of "$(which ls)" to call standard commands
  • #1743194 by amontero: Spelling fix in examples.aliases file
  • Make drush_is_local_host conform more closely to the recommendation from 'man hostname' (uname -n will usually not contain fqdn)
  • Quiet a warning in
  • #1739946 by alexpott: Fixed user-create and user-password no longer work in Drupal 8.
  • #820870 by greg.1.anderson: Make drush script more compatible with non-POSIX shells