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When viewed from an Android device, the videos on the front page do not appear. Instead, only blank solid white or solid black blocks appear in their place. If a user clicks on the blank block, the video will launch, so the functionality is intact.

See screenshots

My Testing Info:

  • URLs: I tested this on both the demo site http://demo.drupalizing.com/?theme=selecta and also on my own D7 site which uses the Selecta theme. In both cases, same results
  • Yes, both the tested URL's look fine in a web browser
  • My Android Device: Samsung Infuse 4G running Android Froyo-UCKE3, Firmware 2.2.1

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SC20121112-151346.png45.99 KBzolalars
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Hi zolalars,

I have just tested the demo site in my android phone (Samsung Nexus S Android 4.1.2) and it seams to function as expected.

Could you please check that you are able to play flash videos through your browser in some other website?

Also make sure that your browser settings are properly configured to always enable plugins. In my version of Android the setting can be found at Settings->Advanced->Enable plug-ins->Always

Take note that the actual path for this setting may be slightly different due to the version difference as well as the language used.

Let me know if that helped in any way!