In the issue #1452318: Panels IPE Breaks When Region Style Wrapper Applied This issue is described. The title was copied since it covers this issue aswell.

When I apply a custom region style (eg. List) and enable Panels IPE as Panels renderer, the problem occur as soon as the second element is added to a region. (Look at screenshot)

In the JS function DrupalPanelsIPE.createSortContainers the .panels-ipe-sort-container wrapper is attached twice if there is an extra wrapper in the region style.

The class "panels-ipe-portlet-marker" on "panels-ipe-placeholder" dosen't do anything so I believe that it's safe to remove it.

For some reason I haven't figured out. The extra wrapper in the default pane style is also outcommented.

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Well the above patch didn't work on list style as intended anyway.

It works on my custom region style.

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I ran into this same issue when trying to create a simple css-class wrapper custom style for Open Atrium 2. Whenever I would use the IPE to add a widget to a region with my wrapper style, the widget would get duplicated: once at the top in a panels-ipe-paneid-new-1 wrapper, and once down below within the proper custom style wrapper.

Applying this patch fixed this problem. I'm aware that the patch might need more work to fix the list style, but for basic wrapper styles it's good.

(btw, this bug also affects the Accordian style in Panopoly. Unfortunately this patch does not work with Accordian either and causes an Ajax error when a new Text widget is added to the region and saved. So, marking it as Needs Work)

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Status: Needs review » Needs work
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No, actually the patch in #1354572: IPE - multiple JS sort containers works in Open Atrium 2 for fixing this issue, but the patch in #2 here does not. I mispoke in #4 as we were using the other patch and not this one.

Maybe want to close this as a dup and point people to 1354572 instead??

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fixing link to other issue

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Status: Needs work » Closed (cannot reproduce)
  • created new landing page
  • set region style to list and accordian
  • added two fieldable panel panes
  • everything looked fine