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Wexdon.com is a corporate site for a small firm of independent financial advisors and serves a dual purpose - a lead generation vehicle and a blog of the firm's founder.

Why Drupal was chosen: 

We selected Drupal for its flexibility with presenting content, ease of creation of custom admin interfaces and for being search engine-friendly.

The presentation of content flexibility has proven of particular importance as we made a few major changes to site sections and layout during the course of the year and the effort involved in these changes was fairly minimal.

Describe the project (goals, requirements and outcome): 

The key site building goals were clean layout, ease of administration and content management for site editors (not least due to UK financial industry regulatory requirements) and search engine-friendliness.

The site's theme is a modified, AdaptiveTheme-based, Corolla theme, which was chosen for its clean and fairly minimalistic look. The main menu relies on Menu Minipanels to create 'megamenu' drop-downs - a little interesting feature here is the display of our Skype and Google Talk statuses straight in the 'Contact Us' menu drop-down. And on the whole Menu Minipanels makes creating complicated megamenus a breeze.

A somewhat unusual requirement for the site was the ability for site editors to switch the blog layout at will from standard 'river of news' one to a more newspaper-like columns layout - the layout is decided on by site editors depending on recently published articles where if the group of related articles is published one after another, the blog is switched to a newspaper layout but once those articles age, the blog gets reverted to a regular 'river of news'. Since the blog is Views-based, all we had to do to fulfil this requirement was to demonstrate to site admins Views admin interface or rather its small subset where admins can switch from 'unordered list' (blog's default) to ' grid' and back.

For the first few weeks of the new site we also used a bunch of content analysis and SEO related modules to ensure the site's content was easily discoverable by search engines. These modules included Alchemy, Content Analysis API, Content Optimizer and Readability as well as Keyword Research, Insight and SEO Compliance Checker. Over time, as we became sure that the procedures for adding new content were being followed and the site was well indexed by search engines, these modules got removed. Now Metatag and XML Sitemap are by and large suffiecient on that side of things.

Another big time saver proved to be a little module named MultiBlock. The site's requirements for placing secondary information blocks vary widely not only between site sections but also sometimes even between individual articles and pages - this is dependent whether the article/page is more informational in nature or sales-driven. So the requirement for secondary blocks was often to be moved from one sidebar to another or for their order within a sidebar to simply be changed. The quick way to fulfil that requirement was to clone blocks with the help of MultiBlock and enable clones in amended positions/order on required pages while simultaneously disabling originals.

Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen: 

Adaptive theme was chosen as a base theme for its amazing wealth of features (and also to provide a mobile-friendly site in the future). We use Views and Display Suite to take care of layouts - they provide a very fast way to adjust layouts. Boost is used to to serve largely static pages, increasing the site's speed of delivery. CSS3PIE module is used to combat some of the deficiencies in Internet Explorer and EU Cookie Compliance - to bring the site in line with the new EU privacy legislation.

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