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MD5: 1934a83e72b672f90ce3a6e9c3643b9f
SHA-1: 541b7c9096a0c2b02169b3487f4d1a857a644dd9
SHA-256: ee285678444fc57401f956f52d7ff66c109eb3300216338bfc37ecfb04bff03b
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MD5: 527924bc2070cf4efe5c2cfcae66cdc9
SHA-1: 365327537612dc966358bff6cf64428d6db0ec09
SHA-256: 2fc501855f95863a6cdd449544d2deff85c50cbb6f3bcc475252d7022631ee48

Release info

Created by: hass
Created on: November 10, 2012 - 02:17
Last updated: March 23, 2014 - 15:39
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

#1836896: Outbound links not being tracked due to variable name bug

Changes in 3.4:

New features
* #1595176: Allow tokens in custom variable names

* Code cleanup: Removed deprecated segmentation code.
* #1817562: Keep the internal URL for Google Analytics website overlay intact.
* #1801020: Track colorbox as pageview
* #1425358: Only track full-qualified links as external, block "javascript:" and maybe other
* #1113550: JavaScript: Uncaught TypeError - Cannot call method 'replace' of undefined
* #1608310: Cross-domain link tracking fails because it does not return false
* #1801046: Invalid jQuery selectors causing errors in IE8 using updated jQuery (1.7+)
* #1797988: Added some DNT tests.
* Added more forbidden tokens to the blacklist.
* Replace all type of dashes (n-dash, m-dash, minus) with the normal dashes.
* #1509610: Invalid dashes in UA–xxxxxxxx–y cannot copied & pasted from Google Analytics website
* #1804716: Setup optional modules in .test's fails
* Remove double quotes from module name
* #1793658: Update links to Google Analytics help and reference pages.
* #1783870: Custom variables can be 128 byte long now (Google API change)
* #1774238: Update link to "Setting Up Site Search for a Profile"
* #1368748 Reduced severity if UA account number not entered.
* Deleted obsolete googleanalytics_trackpageloadtime variable.
* Revert "#1147322: Added Site Speed report support"
* #1147322: Added Site Speed report support
* #807320 Rollback: Track outgoing links as targets / Disable event tracking optionally for outgoing links
* #1130420: E_ALL warning when a new user creates an account.
* Allow longer tokens in custom variables fields
* Collapse custom variables by default