Is there any known problem in use this version? I'm using withou problem untill now, so i can say that it is "usable" at least, if not supported.


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Big Yes thats really problem not support 1.9.1. And bring many problem to use Themeroller because
Themeroller Download only 1.9.1 available with minified. Now i must search an other way to use it without this module.Because i dont now how long it comes up to 1.9.1 after long time stay in Version 1.8.11.

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I would also like to see jQuery UI in 1.9 verison since it brings some new stuff, like Spinner.

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Just FYI pre-1.9 has a 'bug' which is a presence of $.curCss function which was deprecated a long time ago. 1.9 fixes this !

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

FYI: 1.10 is already in the dev version.

Not sure we'll bring in 1.9.

Closing as wont fix as 1.10 should solve everyone needs that require 1.9.