A new online experience to match the ambitions of the traditional Japanese Suzuki Motor Corporation: better UX, hugely improved content management and sales-by-tablet triple the online added value for Suzuki.

Why Drupal was chosen: 


Describe the project (goals, requirements and outcome): 

Business background

Suzuki Motor Corporation has been very successful in producing reliable, high quality cars. Since it expanded from Japan into the western world in 1963, its stability and sense of tradition can be found throughout the company.

To accompany its long-lasting international success as hyper-modern car manufacturer, the Belgium subsidiary had Wunderkraut remanufacture the Suzuki website to create a modern online experience in keeping with their identity.

Audiences from both Belgium and Luxembourg are served with the multilingual and user-friendly portal to Suzuki’s versatile carfleet.

Technical Objective

Drupal’s strong Content Management System greatly improve the site's content management facilities. The usability of Drupal’s editor interface proved of great benefit to Suzuki Belgium’s content editors.

The Suzuki web project allowed Wunderkraut to foster Drupal’s Imagemaker module (maintained by Wunderkraut’s Tech Lead Kristof DeJaeger).

Imagemaker makes it possible to add markers or descriptions on any of the widely used image fields. The extensive collection of data on Suzuki’s car models can be maintained in both French and Dutch languages, incorporated into one multilingual website.

Business Results

Suzuki Belgium can manage their extensive information files on all cars through Drupal content management system.

Pricing, model packages, technical details and discount deals can all be maintained and effectively pushed to the online product portfolio and online Car Configurator.

Both actual and potential Suzuki drivers can now quickly find their way to a Suzuki dealer nearby for more information, service or a test drive.

For the 90th edition of the Autosalon Brussels 2012, Wunderkraut constructed an iPad interface which acts as a compact reference system for Suzuki’s sales representatives. With just a few swipes, visitors get on-the-spot answers and information.

Organizations involved: 
Key modules/theme/distribution used: 
Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen: 

* Much custom code because contrib modules still lacked and because of complexity data storage of the catalogues.
* Display Suite: Test DS7.x-1.0

Community contributions: 

Imagemaker module, maintained by Kristof de Jaeger. Imagemaker makes it possible to add markers or descripMons on any image field.

Project team: 

Wunderkraut Belgium (Antwerp, Ghent): Dieter Beheydt, Kristof De Jaeger, Els Van der Jeught, Cedric Spillebeen, Joachim Verbeke