UZA Antwerp University Hospital - Wunderkraut - Drupal website

The Antwerp University Hospital guarantees quality healthcare and offers specialized treatments. The website focuses on user friendliness for patients and their families. We worked to redesign the site and optimize the information architecture.

Why Drupal was chosen: 

Choise of 3rd party - as best solution for the client’s need. Client opted for an open source solution.

Describe the project (goals, requirements and outcome): 

Business Background has approximately 35,000 unique visitors per month. The primary goals for UZA's website were based on providing transparent, reliable and ready-to-use information to visitors and patients.

An inquiry held last year stated that visitors were looking for practical information like contact details for doctors or overnight facilities. They also wanted background information on particular departments, medical examinations or treatments.

Most visitors asked for understandable content without much jargon and to be able to find what they were looking for quickly.

Wunderkraut was responsible for the technical realization of the website.

Technical Objective

The website's social engagement was optimized drastically where information is shared over e-mail or social media. News articles are imported from external sources through RSS.

The website imports personnel data into the Drupal CMS through a nightly XML feed that fits seamlessly with the in-house personnel database. The personnel files can be enriched via Drupal with the availability schedules of doctors and staff.

Wunderkraut was responsible for technical realization of the website while partner agency Internet Architects did the analysis and front-end development.

More online patient facilities, like a medical cost-calculator and online form processing, are on the roadmap for further development. The website aims to offer more video content as well.

Business Results

UZA has many medical specialties and a multitude of subspecialties. Through logical navigation UZA now enables visitors to quickly find what they need and the homepage now allows quick lookup of phone numbers.

Each medical division has its own space inside the website, offering information about visiting hours, team details and treatments. Proper information is a valuable extension to personal contact in comforting the patient before his/her visit.

Every division manages their own content within the Drupal CMS. The Workbench module allows web masters to review and publish content.

The inquiry also concluded that patients and their relatives didn't want to feel like they were alone with their mutual healthcare issues. They wanted to share experiences with others.

The website now has a special section for patients to share their stories and every division offers easy access to their corresponding community.

Organizations involved: 
Key modules/theme/distribution used: 
Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen: 


Project team: 

Wunderkraut Belgium (Ghent): Dieter Beheydt, Jan-Yves Vanhaverbeke, Nils Destoop, Matthias Vandermaesen, Toon Ketels