This module hasn't seen any commits in ~8 months, and I don't seem to see much response in the issue queue. There are several patches that are RTBC but no action.

Is this module dead? What needs to happen to get a new release going?


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Would love to see a new release as well.

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This module is even used in Commerce Kickstart and, as youd said, it's basically dead. That's a little weird.

And with about 25,000 installations, it should see a little more action but I guess that, in the actual state, it works well enough for most people.

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I'm willing to help maintain it. I usually end up using this on 90% of the sites and keep on applying the patches I've submitted.

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i would also be willing to help maintain this module.

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Seeing as there has been no response by the current maintainers, one of you who are willing to help should follow the procedure here:

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Title: Maintainer status - Is this module dead? » Offering to (co-)maintain "Service Links"
Version: master » 7.x-2.x-dev
Component: Code » Miscellaneous

I was going to propose to co-maintain too, but seeing as so many people are already willing, I think I'll back off on this one ;-)
I'll let one of you moving the issue to the webmaster's queue.

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I've sent the current maintainer an email, let's see what comes from it. If I do not hear back I'll move this thread into webmaster queue

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Hi folks, seems i had troubles with mail filtering.

As far i got there is not more a co-mantainer, but following the issue queue there are not so many RTBC patches, to be precise i see just 4 of them and about the other issues, many look as duplicates.

Some of you have can help to clean the issue queue? That would be helpful.

This module is not dead, just i was trying to elaborate a third version, but time is always few and didn't see so much support, so i procrastinated it being busy with other stuff :).

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Ok, I did a little triage, I indeed closed 3 or 4 duplicates, and the count of RTBC is now 6 (but there are a bunch of "Needs review", and I think some (or a lot) of them are indeed appropriate).
I changed some status / categories / version to have a cleaner issue queue (at least for 7.x version, as I don't really care about the 6.x version any more ;-)).

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Thanks a lot, now is more clear!

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So, should we close this issue ? TheCrow, do you need a co-maintainers on the project, or is it fine now (and you just needed a little push ;-))?

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I also love this module and use it on almost every site I build. I, for one, would love to see more maintainers on the project. It's always hard to find spare time to spend in the issue queues, and the more people who are spending their spare time on Service Links, the better Service Links gets! (well, within reason). :)

Since there are so many willing candidates, @TheCrow, would you be willing to allow some of them to Maintain issues or maybe also Write to VCS?

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I think this project needs a couple of co-mantainer who has time to spend with patches, tests, and fixes, at least we can have a distinct patcher and tester, i would avoid wild push in the repo so only one should commit the modifies and another can mantain issues :)

I am evaluating who wants care for it, so i can spend my time with this: #1353802: Service Links 3.x plan.

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@TheCrow, on that note, could you create the 7.x-3.x branch for issues so we can start moving "Feature requests" to 3.x-dev?

(The triage of D7 issues is almost done).

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Simon is the new co-mantainer with VCS access! Congratulations :)

About the requests send to the master is better, at this moment there is not any 3.x... but if you think this could help you to mantain the issue queue, feel free to create a new branch :)

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Wow... thanks. Ok, let's dive into the "Needs review" issues.