Is it safe to develop on 7.x-2.1 or should I upgrade? From the documentation it sounded like beyond 7.x-2.2 there was a different gem. Ideally I'd like to develop on 7.x-2.1 or 7.x-2.2 and when the project is done upgrade to the latest stable version. Thanks.


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Are you talking developing the module itself, or creating a base theme off it?

If we are talking about developing Aurora itself, always use the most recent git branch. The project page will have that information

If you are talking about developing a sub-theme--- I would use the most recent stable release. We are tweaking some minor pieces with the JavaScript handling (current in the dev branch), and we will test it out tomorrow (hopefully). Save for the 2.1->2.2 upgrade piece on the project page, there is no special things that need to happen to upgrade.

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Yea I meant developing a sub theme. I will update to the latest release. Thanks!

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