We added this function a while ago to conditionally save log messages, but we still have some redundant code that does the same thing in various places.


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For a warm-up, fixed this issue in Edge Fonts, where it had arrived with plagiarized code from some other provider module.

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Found one instance in fontsquirrel, four in typekit. Patch attached.

According to our old friend grep, only mentions of fontyourface_detailed_logging related to setting, legitimately using or deleting it are left:

usb@paddock:/var/www/fyf/sites/default/modules/fontyourface$ grep -R -n 'fontyourface_detailed_logging' *
fontyourface.install:288:  variable_del('fontyourface_detailed_logging');
fontyourface.module:684:  if (variable_get('fontyourface_detailed_logging', FALSE)) {
modules/fontyourface_ui/fontyourface_ui.module:563:        '#default_value' => variable_get('fontyourface_detailed_logging', FALSE),
modules/fontyourface_ui/fontyourface_ui.module:645:    variable_set('fontyourface_detailed_logging', TRUE);
modules/fontyourface_ui/fontyourface_ui.module:648:    variable_set('fontyourface_detailed_logging', FALSE);
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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.