I have created 3 separate views and want to show each view as a separate slide in a views slideshow. I've looked at using Views Field View in conjunction with Views Slideshow but can't work it out.

Has anyone ever worked out how to do this?



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I haven't used the Views Field View module, however, I've added Views as Slides in a Views Slideshow before using the Insert View module with Nodes.

This is a quick run down of the solution.

  1. Setup a Slide content-type
  2. Go to Home » Administration » Configuration » Content authoring » Text formats > *Edit a format*
  3. Check Insert view filter and Save Text Format.
  4. Create the View you'd like to show in the slideshow.
  5. Create a Slide and in the body use the syntax [view:name=display=args] and Save.
  6. Setup a View that uses Views_Slideshow to show your Slides.
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