I'd like to try out this install profile as a potential solution for a fundraising project, but I seem to be having a problem getting the install profile to work.

I'm working with a brand new Drupal install/database using Drupal 6.26.

I extracted all the Drupal core files to a subfolder on my server where I would like to test the profile.

I extracted all the Donate Rally files to a folder within the /profiles folder.

When I attempt to install Drupal using install.php, I get the following error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare system_form_install_select_profile_form_alter() (previously declared in /home/bmcclana/public_html/virtualwalk/profiles/donor_rally/donor_rally.profile:596) in /home/bmcclana/public_html/virtualwalk/profiles/donor_rally/donor_rally_install.profile on line 595

Any ideas that might help? I'd really like to give this a try.