Hi there,

I have a usage case where I need to auto subscribe new accounts to a MailChimp list transparently, so the account is subscribed upon not only account registration, but also on Ubercart account creation during checkout, and other events, etc.

The concept is that all users are subscribed, and can choose to unsubscribe if they wish after they receive the first email.

Forgive me if this module can already do such things, there are a couple of actions to use in rules, but I can't seem to set them up, as I cannot access the account email, only user:roles.

I've also tried using the mailchimp_subscribe_user function, but I can't seem to feed it the correct variables to pull this off.

Can anyone please suggest a method by which this can be done?



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I was looking for something similar. Once a user is logged in a subscribe checkbox appears in the block (which changes to a form once its shown to an anonymous user).

I used Logintoboggan 'no password' setting to log users in and automatically subscribe them to the newsletter. Therefore the user would have to untick the box at registration to opt our of receiving the email