When the CAPTCHA admin links feature is enabled, the CAPTCHA admin fieldset does not fit in the limited space of the search form, which make things look a bit weird.

e.g. from #1758456: CAPTCHA doesn't show up for content type created by me: http://drupal.org/files/ScreenHunter_68%20Nov.%2004%2012.20.jpg

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FYI - I was using a standard Drupal 7.16 install with a Bartik theme logged in as an administrator (and as user 1). The search box was in the sidebar first block. I've also attached a screen shot.

I did change the category from a feature request to a bug report.

The work around for this is turn off the "Captcha admin link feature" after you have setup your forms.

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Same problem here.

Maybe an extra option can be added to set for a form the type to disabled so it will not shown at all.

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I think it is better to let the module to "Add a Captcha administration link" to certain content type only. e.g. only to webform, but not other type like search form.

In all my sites, I prefer Captcha to protect the forms from spamming and robots. However I do not wish users to enter Captcha on search form. Having a Captcha administration link at the search fields breaks most sites.

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