I have installled OpenEnterprise. I put in my database info and hostname and it goes through successfully. I get to the point where it ask me to select apps I want to install. I select them and then it successfully downloads them. The next screen shows FTP information and ask me to provide my FTP server and credentials information. I enter in my details for my hosting account in there but it doesn't work. I cannot get past this point. I am installing this on a Godaddy hosting account (which they support Drupal).

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


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I suggest you create an FTP account specifically for the site

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chmod -R 777 sites/default/files
chmod -R 777 sites/all/modules

And refresh your Apps install page.

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Why on Earth, in a production site, would you chmod ANY directory to 777?

Not trying to be rude here, just curious. It's not a good idea on the web. Maybe changing it back to its original permissions (755?) after the installation would be a good idea.

chmod -R 755 sites/default/files
chmod -R 755 sites/all/modules

But then you'd have to do this every time you added or upgraded apps.

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So guys from out of country can have more servers to hack. LOL Just my guess