I've encountered a bug which is triggered when a file is processed that has a space in the filename. The bug results in the code not being updated correctly and broken image references or document links as a result.

The problem is in the _filefield_paths_replace_path function and is happening because of a difference in the way the parse_url() and file_create_url() functions treat html entities.

Here is the code in question:

// Build regular expression.
$info = parse_url($old);
$info['path'] = !empty($info['path']) ? $info['path'] : '';
$absolute = str_replace("{$info['host']}{$info['path']}", '', file_create_url($old));

The URL that is returned by the call to file_create_url() has spaces replaced with their html entity - %20. However, parse_url simply returns the URL components and doesn't sanitize html entities.

As a result the str_replace call to create the absolute path doesn't replace the string correctly and so the rest of the replacement is affected with the result being incorrect paths in the resulting html.

The temporary fix I put in place was to modify the above code as follows:

// Build regular expression.
$info = parse_url($old);
$info['path'] = !empty($info['path']) ? $info['path'] : '';

$info['host'] = str_replace(' ', '%20', $info['host']);
$info['path'] = str_replace(' ', '%20', $info['path']);

$absolute = str_replace("{$info['host']}{$info['path']}", '', file_create_url($old));

I would think that the correct way to handle this is to have the parse_url modified such that it can optionally translate HTML entities if that is the desired result, and to have the file_create_url method modified such that it can optionally not translate HTML entities.

However, in the interest of getting this fixed as soon as possible for anyone using this module I am filing this here. I am also going to file this as a bug report with Drupal core.



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Thanks for this. I have been experiencing intermittent problems when using Insert with File (Field) Paths, where the link inserted into the WYSIWYG editor is incorrect in some cases (using the default path instead of the path defined by FFP). In each failing case, the filename contained spaces.

I don't know the correct way to fix this, but your suggestion worked well. Since I'm not terribly concerned about spaces in the host name, I reduced the change to one line:


$info['path'] = !empty($info['path']) ? $info['path'] : '';


$info['path'] = !empty($info['path']) ? str_replace(' ', '%20', $info['path']) : '';
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The patch posted in comment 13 on #1475732: Notice: Undefined index: host in _filefield_paths_replace_path() (row 285 and 287 in filefield_paths.module) also resolves the problem I experienced with spaces in the filename when using the Insert module in conjunction with FFP.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Unable to reproduce the issue, I suspect however that the issue may have been resolved vin 7.x-1.x, and therefore am marking the issue as such. If you still get the issue with the dev release feel free to reopen.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.