#1798880: Convert teaser_length to use configuration system changes the name teaser_length to default_summary_length

For consistency should the name be changed in aggregator too?

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Here's a patch.

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Component: configuration system » aggregator.module

Why 'default_' ?

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From comment #3 of the original issue #1798880: Convert teaser_length to use configuration system where the name was changed:

IMHO, more suitable name for this config is 'default_summary_length', because:
1. It is summary length
2. It is default, because this setting is given when Drupal has no any information about "text field with summary" summary length. This happens when user create a "text field with summary" and didn't setup its widget settings. So, if administrator want, he can update this 'default_summary_length' config, so any new and not-configured "text field with summary" fields will use it.

But maybe it should be just "summary_length"?

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Given that aggregator items are entities now, I wonder whether and why these configuration options still exist in the first place?

Why aren't we simply using field formatter settings?

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i think we still need this, unless we expose the field UI for aggregator items somewhere and turn description to fields, so we keep it configurable from UI.

But i also think there is no need for the default_ prefix

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