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Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/entity_translation:^1.0'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: plach
Created on: 2 Nov 2012 at 05:16 UTC
Last updated: 11 May 2016 at 12:49 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

This release includes a huge number of new features and requires core at least 7.15. Many parts of the module changed since alpha2, hence you should backup your site and test it carefully when upgrading to ensure everything is still working for you.

This features a totally revamped translation UI (see #1282018: Improve UX of language-aware entity forms for details), which is using a language-aware entity form instead of a separate translation form. This allows to deal cleanly with modules adding new elements to the various entity forms. As a consequence the entity info needed to provide ET integration has slightly changed, check entity_translation.api.php to see if you need to adjust your code. Moreover hook_translation_info() has gone in favor of plain hook_entity_info() (see #1114410: Replace hook_translation_info() with hook_entity_info() ).

To replicate the behavior of the translation form shipped with alpha2 a new set of (optional) permissions have been introduced, see the related section in the Entity Translation guide.

A new set of options are available to display a language selector on any entity and configure its behavior. These are available in the usual entity translation settings page and have per-bundle granularity.

Another big new feature is native support for menu translation in the node form, more or less what Menu translation (Node) used to provide in D6.

Other major changes include improved integration for the Pathauto and Media modules and the ability to translate alt and title data using the core image field and the Field synchronization feature that can be found on any image field settings.

Many bugs were fixed in the node upgrade code but you should still backup your site before running it as failures are still being reported.


Huge thanks to bforchhammer whose help was crucial to make this release possible.

New features

#1770748: Option to display shared fields only when editing the original values
#1807698: Hide node translation links
#1679736: Provide an option to lock the original language
#1798460: Make the translate operation contextual
#1280546: Introduce a language selection widget for every entity
#1155134: Integrate pathauto bulk generation
#1434574: Add events for rules
#1224590: Introduce entity translation CRUD hooks
#1643578: Support menu translation upgrade
#1224590: Introduce entity translation CRUD hooks
#1444866: UI for translation of menu items for entity-translated nodes
#1133038: Add support for field column synchronization
#1643414: Allow to select which content types to upgrade
#1155134: Integrate pathauto bulk generation
#1282018: Improve UX of language-aware entity forms

Other changes

#1828794: Make translation workflow permissions optional
#1799770: Update id and bundle when setting a wrapped entity
#1798456: Hide shared form elements when the user has not the related permission
#1676716: Do not list entity types that do not integrate with ET in the admin page
#1792620: Remove unused variables
#1418076: Allow for multiple base paths
#1678614: Make access control for the entity form in the original language more flexible
#1694478: Delete menu items when translation is deleted
#1114410: Replace hook_translation_info() with hook_entity_info() (API change)
#1694480: Implement hook_module_implements() instead of relying on the module weight
#1694472: Change module package to "Multilingual - Entity Translation"
#1643394: Allow repeating the upgrade process
#1643390: Implement hook_entity_translation_upgrade_translation() on behalf of core modules

Bug fixes

#1829666: Fatal error caused by menu translation when node translation is disabled
#1829740: Node and comments ET settings are available also when translation is disabled
#1818440: Fatal error with unclean edit path
#1672710: published source node appears as not published in the translate tab
#1819844: Incompatibility with fields with unlimited number of values introduced in ET -dev
#1818620: Incompatibility with Field Collection introduced in ET -dev
#1820742: parameter $langcode of core function node_view() ignored
#1820910: Notices when trying to filter comments by language
#1811672: Entity translation stuff showing on content types with multilingual support disabled
#1810322: Fatal error when using the translate link field handler in Views
#1803362: PHP notice: Undefined index: in EntityTranslationDefaultHandler->localTasksAlter()
#1800822: Call to a member function getLanguageKey() on a non-object
#1792606: Notices when deleting the translation of an entity having a file field
#1770202: Local tasks (language tabs) visible on node view page
#1701212: Export entity translations using UUID
#1701460: Make translation language changeable
#1770250: Translatable fields disappear when editing default language (entities other than node)
#1377542: Do not always use the admin theme
#1772874: Wrong query alteration for comment language filtering
#1778662: Add compability with field widgets that uses limit_validation_errors
#1770202: Local tasks (language tabs) visible on node view page
#1728648: Ensure that empty translation data is handled properly
#1728674: PHP notice when formLanguage is FALSE in EntityTranslationDefaultHandler
#1713196: Entity type labels may not be defined in entity info
#1444866: UI for translation of menu items for entity-translated nodes
#1699060: Bogus form elements on the taxonomy delete confirm form
#1699052: Global entity form submit handlers are not invoked on delete except for node
#1661348: I18n Taxonomy integration
#1444866: UI for translation of menu items for entity-translated nodes
#1691026: Fatal error when enabling ET with just one language installed
#1698622: Field data is not properly massaged before being stored during an upgrade
#1528624: error on user translations overview
#1667582: PDOException (ambiguous tnid field) on upgrade
#1658424: Non-multilingual taxonomy terms attached to multilingual nodes do not display


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