I loaded a couple of video son my website and I am able to view the video. My users tell me they cannot see the video at all. When I checked using a different computer I noticed that the video is not attached to the node.

I adjusted the permission setting to view the node so that everyone can see the video. I am able to see the article but I cannot see the attached video. Is there a permission set someplace that affects viewing the video.

Here is a link to the content.


I can see the comments and the text but I cannot see the video as a anonymous user. Can you tell me why this is the case?




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Hi Spineless

Are you running any access control modules on your site? There are some ACMs that allow you to offer access to field to specific roles. Do you have any custom node displays besides default & teaser?

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What happens when you clear the cache?

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I am using "access control" to control access to each node. The access control configuration is set to allow everyone to view the node. I am not using any field access control and I only use the default and teaser views.

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

I had field permission set wrong. It works now.