In a call like:

$the_friends = user_relationships_load(
     array('requester_id' => $user_uid, 'name' => 'follower', 'approved' => 1),
     array('include_user_info' => true, 'order' => 'name asc'));

I get an error from the database api. It's the usual big ugly database syntax error report, but the ultimate problem is that the sql generated by the function contains the clause "ORDER BY name asc ASC", which of course breaks things. The call runs correctly if I remove the 'asc' from my code.

I agree that the ASC isn't strictly necessary but it doesn't seem like including it should crash the API.


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try like this:

= user_relationships_load(
'requester_id' => $user_uid, 'name' => 'follower', 'approved' => 1),
'include_user_info' => true, 'order' => array('name', 'asc')));