When you add a new content type or edit an existing one using a screen reader, you can ear in the tabs title (shown in vertical tabs) the tabs settings values. This is not happening in Drupal 8 with the "comment" tab.

BTW, I am marking this as "critical" since it is a regression (correct me if I am doing wrong).

#6 comment-tabs-1829338.6.patch939 byteslarowlan
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Falcon03, can you try the latest patch from #731724: Convert comment settings into a field to make them work with CMI and non-node entities, big changes afoot. Also I sent you an email via your contact form did you get it?

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@larowlan: ok, I'll try the patch as soon as possible (maybe this evening or tomorrow).

Unfortunately I didn't get your email; if you have problems using my contact form, you can send it directly to vincenzorubano@email.it (personal) or info@titengodocchio.it (my website email address).

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Priority: Critical » Major

It is important to correct this regression. That being said the information is available, just not convenient. Demoting priority to major.

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Perhaps this has been resolved? Updated my local d8 this morning and can hear the settings for Comments without drama.

falcon03, can you confirm?

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@Christian Biggins:
I have just checked this out and unfortunately this issue hasn't been solved for me (Mac OS X + Voiceover + Safari).

In addition to this I have to say that updating appeared another issue related to editing a content type: the "menu" tab settings aren't announced with the "menu" tab title...

I am trying the patch recommended in #1, let's see what happens...

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Status: Postponed » Needs review
939 bytes
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 47,986 pass(es). View

the issue is the js isn't being loaded, tipping this was since #1737148: Explicitly declare all JS dependencies, don't use drupal_add_js
please try the attached

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Issue tags: +JavaScript

d'oh! sorry about that.

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@nod_ given the scope of that patch a few minor issues here and there were to be expected!

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@larowlan: ok, I applied the patch...

In admin/structure/types/manage/article the problem is solved. However, I noticed that there is also the "menu settings" tab that has the same problem of the "comment settings" tab before applying the patch. I wonder if we'd better to abstract a bit this issue, so that we can fix also the issue with the "menu settings" tab.

I noticed a very, very strange thing: if I remember correctly, wasn't there a "comment settings" in node/add/article? I am not able to see it anymore (I am not using the patch suggested in #1)...

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hi @falcon03, lets handle menu settings in a new issue - yes there is a comment settings tab on node/add/article

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Status: Needs review » Needs work

@Larowlan: ok, then the patch needs work. As I've already said, after applying it the "comment settings" tab in /node/add/article disappears!

I'll open a new issue for the "menu settings" tab when this issue will be solved. Work for developers to fix the second one should be easier this way, I think.

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hi @falcon03, I have the comment settings tab at node/add/article
Can you please check what option you have selected at admin/structure/types/manage/article?

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That has applied cleanly for me and has put the comment status in the tab.

This has also worked for both page & article.

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@larowlan: comments for "article" are set to "open, treading, 50 comments per page".

But, unfortunately, I found out that the "comment" tab at node/add/article is not accessible with Mac OS X and Voiceover (I have to test with Windows + NVDA or Jaws) also without the patch!

So I wonder if we can make this RTBC (so that this patch can be committed) and open two follow-ups: one for the "menu tab settings not announced in the menu tab title" and another for the missing "comment settings" tab at node/add/article...

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1) yes, you can set this as RTBC. Would be good if there was a nice solid link on the side somewhere to explain or remind everyone when something should be considered RTBC. Worse case it will be set back after it's been reviewed.

2) You can totally open up new issues too. Mind you there's only 15 now in this thread so it's not that long. It's really a balance. Sometimes folks want to merge them together, often they want to separate them.

I think it would be better to fix them all here if we can. Trick with that is that we're running next to the next milestone and it's going to be harder to get stuff in. Wish had a quick link too for the timeline... It always seems to be coming up quick.

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Status: Needs work » Reviewed & tested by the community

So patch in #6 solves the issue and falcon is ok to take care of the rest in follow-ups. Can someone create them please?

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Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Fixed

Committed and pushed to 8.x. Let's make sure the JS testing matrix gets updated with this.

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.