Devel Results:
Executed 163 queries in 26.44 ms. Queries exceeding 5 ms are Highlighted. Page execution time was 1432.89 ms. Memory used at: devel_boot()=2.33 MB, devel_shutdown()=32.75 MB, PHP peak=34.5 MB.

Drupal Status:
Everything is up to date. PHP 5.4.3. Memory Limit 128mb. Running on a dev box. (I7 quad at 4ghz, 16gb ram, 400mb Raid 1+0 SSD)

Is there any easy way of checking which module is slowing it down? (besides going one by one and turning it off)
Even better, is there a way to check which function slows it down?

Any help would be great. Thanks Guys!!


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Please don't multi-post threads. You have already started this thread. You can edit your original thread and change the forum if you set it incorrectly the first time.