Currently I am working on a multidomain setup for a government project and also on an intranet solution which should be offered as a distribution and in a lot environments there´s the need for a more detailed access control managment for the media assets.

a) One first step solution would be the possibility to set folder access permissions, of course all childs (folders & media-items) must inherit these permissions or permissions based on the user role.

Cause folders are taxonomy based, would this already be possible with Taxonomy access?

b) For the "intranet"-solution which should contain a project managment solution it´s more complex.
User should have different roles depending on their position in the project, therefore the permissions could not be set with the default roles system.

There already an issue with own uploaded media here:
There should be a permission to allow users to edit only media they have uploaded (at media/[fid]/edit). Currently, there is only the "edit media" permission, which allows a user to edit any media on the site.

The attached patch adds an 'edit own media' permission, updates media_access() to check the new permission, and updates the media/%media/edit access arguments to pass a media object.

If somehow possible, depends on the costs, I would like to sponsor this request as a project or add on.
Please send me a PM if you have an offer. There´s also a 2nd media thing I need for the intranet asset management which maybe could be done together with this.


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Hey there, have you found a solution to this?

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Partly. Most was custom work with views, rules, taxonomies etc.

Some modules good for these kind of requirements:

Also check out the latest dev of Open Atrium 2, there are also some good hints & inspirations for managing access.

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thanks alot, will take a look into this

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

Media doesn't care about folder structure. :)
One of its primary use cases is to manage remote media and files stored in cloud storage, which have no concept of folders.

I'd suggest looking into filedepot.

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Just forgot the main module for managing folders:

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And another module I found which looks promising, haven´t tested it yet:

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Found a new module ->

ile access is simply designed to deny or approve access to individual files when using Drupal’s private download method. See ‘background’ below for more information. Requires PHP5 because of some functions.

PHP5 required due to some functions
Using either Upload, Filefield or both
Setting File system settings to ‘private’

Feature list:
Support for Upload and Filefield files
Role access controls for individual files
User per-file access (currently via api only)
Global access settings for individual roles (eventually users too)
Optional ‘per node’ access enforcement (more of a feature for Drupal 7 - but works now)
No-access redirection to any path

Planned features:
Support for Ubercart integration (purchasing file access)
Support for Views integration (think per-user-access file listings)
Support for User Points integration (digital wallets, etc.)