Coming with Migrate 2.6 will be #1826112: Wizard framework. The main theme of migrate_d2d 2.1 will be support for that framework - a wizard UI for Drupal-to-Drupal migrations.


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It is wonderful to read that you're working on an interface for non programmers. I thought it would downloaded from the sandbox to test and try. The first view is wonderful I hope it works soon. This is a dream, please stick to it, it will certainly facilitate many programmers migrate to the despair of the 7.x.

Many Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.

Sorry for my bad English

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FYI, there is a wizard_api branch in migrate_d2d. I haven't investigated much what it does but thats where the action is happenning.

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Yes, this work is available only in the wizard_api branch for the time being - consider it experimental for now, but if you're adventurous feel free to check it out.

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Category: task » bug

I am testing out the wizard_api and it looks very good except that when I get to the final step of the importer configuration I get an error message that "table node_type does not exist".

I thought the drupal I am migrating is d4 so it is too old for the migration tool. However after disabling the node page I was able to successfully import taxonomy and user data from d4.x to d7. That is a significant assist for me.

I'm looking at how to deal with the nodes and comments but the old site used flexinode too so that adds an extra layer of complexity.

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Category: bug » task

Yes, D4 is too old - only D5 through D7 are officially supported today (as the wizard should tell you up front). The fact that it doesn't support a version it doesn't claim to support is not a bug (therefore I'm restoring the issue category to "task").

It's amazing to me that you could import taxonomy and user data from a D4.x installation, that's great! I really don't have the time, but I am certainly open to someone contributing support for pre-D5 Drupal installations. That should be a separate issue, though - this has nothing specifically to do with the wizard API, it's the underlying support that's missing.

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I've been trying to follow the documentation at with the main 7.x-2.x-dev branch to do a traditional (drush - not GUI) migration. It says that if $common_arguments['group'] is not set it will default to 'default'.

But the constructor is now assuming 'group_name' is a key in $arguments. This is throwing fatal errors when trying to run the migration:

  /*  **/
  /* (This commit was tagged with this issue number) */
  public function __construct($arguments) {
    $group = MigrateGroup::getInstance($arguments['group_name']);

Should it even be 'group_name' and not just 'group' as follows?

  public function __construct($arguments) {
    if (empty($arguments['group'])) {
      $arguments['group'] = 'default';
    $group = MigrateGroup::getInstance($arguments['group']);
    $group_arguments = $group->getArguments();
    $this->arguments = $group_arguments + $arguments;
    $this->sourceVersion = $this->arguments['source_version'];
    if (isset($this->arguments['version_class'])) {
      $version_class = $this->arguments['version_class'];
    else {
      $version_class = 'DrupalVersion' . $this->sourceVersion;
    $this->version = new $version_class($this->arguments);
    if (!isset($this->arguments['group']) || !is_object($this->arguments['group'])) {
      $this->arguments['group'] = MigrateGroup::getInstance($this->arguments['group']);
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Status: Active » Fixed

I've updated the documentation to indicate group_name should be passed.

Marking this as 'fixed', as the wizard support has been merged back into 7.x-2.x. Any specific problems found with the wizard support should be opened as separate issues.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Status: Closed (fixed) » Needs work

If this is fixed, can you update the User Interface section on the module page?

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Status: Needs work » Closed (fixed)

The project page will be updated when there's a release with this work.

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Looking very snazzy, and it works quite well so far! Mind if I open some tickets?