When I try to create a devshop project, I have the following errors:

The drush command '@project_test_devshop provision-devshop-create' could not be found.
Could not find a Drupal settings.php file at ./sites/default/settings.php.

Are my Devshop modules bad installed or is it a problem with BOA ?

When I try to pull codes on a site, I have the following errors also:

The drush command 'provision-devshop-pull' could not be found.

These issues are always in my objective of load-balancing BOA. I will use an external load-balancer but I want to use a git system to have the same code in the website instance in each BOA server into the system.
For instance:

server1: barracuda
->site.server1.net the site I want to load-balance, I think a DevShop project pulling from the Devshop project server
server2: barracuda
->site.server2.net the same site as above in the load-balancer, the same Devshop Project also pulling from the Devshop project server

server3: git server
->the DevShop Project server pushing in the site.server1.net and the site.server2.net


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This kind of error means that you didn't upload the extension to the correct .drush directory.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

Or it means that you are trying to use extension designed to work with Aegir 1.x, while BOA uses Aegir 2.x. I believe this is the real source of the problem, but we can't do anything to fix this, until Devshop will support Aegir 2.x

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@Michee: did you try to install Devshop with BOA environment?