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TinyBox is a powerful module but it is very simple to create a Splash Screen.

Splash Screen from Certain Node

Every node in Drupal has a unique ID called: NID (Node ID). Create a new content/node, and after you save the content you will see the node id on the edit tab. Suppose your nid is 100 then:

  1. On the TinyBox Configuration page, set Source = NID
  2. Enter Source Value = 100

Splash Screen from Content Type

  1. On the TinyBox Configuration page, set Source = Content Type
  2. Suppose your content type machine name is: article. Enter Source Value = article

When you are using the Content Type source, TinyBox only reads the last published node.

Splash Screen from Views

  1. On the TinyBox Configuration page, set Source = Views
  2. Suppose your Views name is: splash1. Enter Source Value = splash1

TinyBox Using Views

Since TinyBox supports Views, the sky is the limit. You can make random Splash Screens by sorting on random variables in Views. You can also make Splash Screen from several content types, etc.

TinyBox Using Views in Action

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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Is there a way to add a splash screen only to my site landing page ?

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