openhotel 8.x-1.x-dev

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openhotel-8.x-1.x-dev.tar.gz 16.91 MB 4cb583e99261c31b527ba9f7bdeae8a0 26.34 MB 4d4a0e65de7384f9db259c87420a71db
Last updated: 19 Aug 2017 at 14:34 UTC
Last packaged version: 8.x-1.x-dev
Development release from branch: 

openhotel 7.x-1.0-beta2

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openhotel-7.x-1.0-beta2-core.tar.gz 14.71 MB 9c040d9411bbed3fb6e5b741b5f6d7bc 16.71 MB 38d6238e54cfd8969c82036105d72106
openhotel-7.x-1.0-beta2-no-core.tar.gz 11.65 MB 22a26f0b1e157e75da8bb78d09ad6fb5 13.02 MB b9bc2f5c574b5122265598a3e50d5b1f
openhotel-7.x-1.0-beta2.tar.gz 804.77 KB d38f9bae00380f982e25548784f7909c 854.14 KB 3da750b5b1dde1b5ddae9557bc888b3b
Last updated: 20 Mar 2013 at 13:35 UTC

Release notes

Updates core and modules.

Official release from tag: 

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openhotel 7.x-1.0-beta1

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openhotel-7.x-1.0-beta1-core.tar.gz 14.62 MB 97002628cac79d76d6e8291494133ece 16.58 MB 120807354d78fbb4ab6cb3fcb8bd981f
openhotel-7.x-1.0-beta1-no-core.tar.gz 11.57 MB 73e550f876f2a76f961c40c8f0889a2d 12.91 MB 37d6636a0c3c66c4b9821e58b8883eaa
openhotel-7.x-1.0-beta1.tar.gz 684.06 KB d6d990a4472f96d70b78109ca8164eed 704.51 KB 8f88bc37b9a0af9aa939ba2c5c609e60
Last updated: 19 Mar 2013 at 17:11 UTC

Release notes

Fixed several bugs that occurred during installation process.

Official release from tag: 

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Project Version Status
Drupal core 7.16
Not secure

openhotel 7.x-1.0-unstable9

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openhotel-7.x-1.0-unstable9-core.tar.gz 8.7 MB 15d6e791f00fb1c8f28af2195dec433a 10.62 MB 10d21e2c60ae34f5996070c7c9e2b2b2
openhotel-7.x-1.0-unstable9-no-core.tar.gz 5.66 MB 0c5338fd4bdbcd46fb1c38dd62158134 6.94 MB 230a3c08817ed13a33257e45c90c5589
openhotel-7.x-1.0-unstable9.tar.gz 53.87 KB 39accbf8c397ae79ae3281126ce88671 61.29 KB 702d259814bba3c81f21851d3fed94a0
Last updated: 5 Nov 2012 at 20:47 UTC

Release notes

fix the fatal error.

Official release from tag: 

openhotel 7.x-1.0-unstable8

Download Size md5 hash
openhotel-7.x-1.0-unstable8-core.tar.gz 8.7 MB 882cc06872b343d5eaece645f03b21c8 10.62 MB 86c1f6f647df83847e2ac356a2188f01
openhotel-7.x-1.0-unstable8-no-core.tar.gz 5.66 MB 7bb1d185583696dcde24353f45d1781e 6.94 MB 8fd35d0c38e23b0b5c6fe43e79f132a0
openhotel-7.x-1.0-unstable8.tar.gz 53.79 KB 930484cc0bd961e782659bcf23f8c3f2 61.22 KB a7087a1dde3c0ee772eaebf8cf761e7b
Last updated: 5 Nov 2012 at 19:32 UTC

Release notes

Keep trying to add the default theme in the distribution.

Official release from tag: 

openhotel 7.x-1.0-unstable5

Download Size md5 hash
openhotel-7.x-1.0-unstable5-core.tar.gz 10.02 MB 72449c163090e5c876521a0db6aa0a93 11.94 MB 44320058d7c7378ed72f428dc397c656
openhotel-7.x-1.0-unstable5-no-core.tar.gz 6.98 MB 6227448262e0453ccca1ef319beb0693 8.26 MB 89ec1c5440a4d6cd1c67b4fac89d3a49
openhotel-7.x-1.0-unstable5.tar.gz 14.36 KB 4e68b97208d37c0cca07daeb094a5743 15.23 KB 52e82f86efd0cd6e5f597b631447d1f7
Last updated: 30 Oct 2012 at 07:12 UTC

Release notes

Profiler Fixes.

Official release from tag: 

openhotel 7.x-1.0-unstable4

Download Size md5 hash
openhotel-7.x-1.0-unstable4-core.tar.gz 10.02 MB 98a8f0fb8e5614cac33ea917c9265ae4 11.93 MB f342afc509724d02d645e0dd0dc8b306
openhotel-7.x-1.0-unstable4-no-core.tar.gz 6.97 MB 04038668fd1637ed12d9e4c9dea5a21d 8.24 MB 612ad2361bd07601397500cc33901f9b
openhotel-7.x-1.0-unstable4.tar.gz 14.34 KB 8afd6b027d7de200ad19b223e252e6ec 15.21 KB ed71edf7d4df449ef815ba33a37e9fa3
Last updated: 30 Oct 2012 at 05:47 UTC

Release notes

Fixed external libraries download url's.

Official release from tag: 

openhotel 7.x-1.0-unstable1

Download Size md5 hash
openhotel-7.x-1.0-unstable1-core.tar.gz 8.78 MB b63f16a84611cbe92b8b846a4649eb58 10.64 MB 2bd8c738b5e7ecf7cddda30c1f254eb1
openhotel-7.x-1.0-unstable1-no-core.tar.gz 5.74 MB 42eddda20ea323502c60399234d537f2 6.96 MB 4a39847317cedd350a5771c533232463
openhotel-7.x-1.0-unstable1.tar.gz 14.33 KB 03910995d64f9c44d07ce530a5cac3dc 15.21 KB 35056762b2b9fba74c82ab1f1228cb6e
Last updated: 30 Oct 2012 at 05:02 UTC

Release notes

Not Production Ready!

Sign up at to get notified when a production ready release is ready for download.

Official release from tag: 

openhotel 7.x-1.x-dev

Release notes

Initial Dev Release - Not for production use.

Sign up at our newsletter at to get notified when a production ready release is available for download.

Download Size md5 hash
openhotel-7.x-1.x-dev-core.tar.gz 14.82 MB 03d8ab1abc69e130ca215f7c57477117 16.81 MB 65f5e32c1543060dd88e0b074f7281d2
openhotel-7.x-1.x-dev-no-core.tar.gz 11.76 MB 847d11e7f1b58ad6e645d1009e96d272 13.14 MB 19cc8914f6c379aa0bc4cfa388a9d1c4
openhotel-7.x-1.x-dev.tar.gz 804.79 KB 7141c970d868c7c864716128ddd4d41f 854.21 KB 1eeef6d2ee3359cdceb328b4ee834603
Last updated: 1 Oct 2013 at 09:47 UTC
Last packaged version: 7.x-1.0-beta2+0-dev
Development release from branch: 

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