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Last updated: October 27, 2012 - 23:22

Release notes

Fixes for the following issues thanks to abasso, ajgarlag, chia, eelkeblok, fizk, grobot, IceCreamYou, jchatard, Joe Weitzel, Jon Pugh, juampy, kevishie, lyricnz, manuelgarcia, marcelomg, mvc, Pacufist, pfrenssen, saccard, steinmb, toleillo, yngens.

* #1383992: Error when adding an account: PDO Exception: Integrity constraint violation in twitter_account_save()
* #1397634: Errors on oauth callback url when user denies access
* #1814610: Use proper API URLs
* #1814618: Use url() to print correct link
* #1814642: Invalid handling of exceptions causes fatal errors on PHP5.2
* #1820292: Update twitter.lib.php to match 7.x-3.x in 6.x-3.x

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