Hi, I'm getting an error that is caused by the Aurora theme re an Undefined index. I've done this on 2 different Drupal installs, Drupal 7.16 and the commerce kickstart profile. ( albeit both on same server)


theme.info file :http://pastebin.com/GVebyTJp
theme created using compass per Aurora documentation ( its using aurora susy )

Server: uses PHP 5.2.17
Problem doesn't happen on MAMP using PHP 5.2.17

Could it be a server configuration issue?


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I really don't think this is an Aurora issue, this looks like a server config issue, as most of these errors have nothing to do with Aurora. In fact, the one place where aurora is mentioned by name is saying that your Drupal install can't find Aurora.

Do you have the Aurora base theme included in your themes directory as well as your sub theme?

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

Thanks Sam, that resolved it! Your documentation indicated that I should have the base theme as well as the custom aurora theme installed which I did locally but neglected to push the base theme to the server. When I googled this error there were similiar issues from other themes that incorrectly installed their starter kits which is why I thought this might be an Aurora related issue. Of course Aurora doesn't use starter kits to generate the subtheme, but compass. Regardless user error and I'm closing this issue.