for whatever reason, a customized content type does not accept more than (exactly) 10 values in a nodereference field. Of course, this field is configured for unlimited values. If more than 10 references are entered, the node can not be saved anymore (starting with the 11th node reference, the references are marked in red, and a red error message say that these nodes "can not be referenced" (which is kind of misleading). The field uses the "advanced_view" option to display the node reference targets; it does not matter if the View is limited to display 10 or 100 records. I'm using Views 3 (which might be the problem here).

Attaching an export of the content type in question; the erratic field is 'field_titel_reference' (btw, it takes a PHP memory limit of 500M for the export to work).

Any ideas or suggestions?

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486 bytes

I have the same issue and track it down to setting the items_per_page for the view. nodereference is doing
$view->display_handler->set_option('items_per_page', $limit); and what works for me is

I'm attaching a small patch.

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This has been fixed properly in CCK's git. Though, at least for Drupal 6, no recommended release has the fix. See duplicate issue https://drupal.org/node/998494