As I use alot of node types as forum topics, it would be nice to alter the display of the topic icon. I want to customize it and add my own topic icon, so you can easily see the difference between a poll and a forum topic for example. However, this takes alot of time to do it with a custom module, but would easily be achieved if this would get into the advanced forum module. The cahnges are easy:

1) add the following line to advanced_forum/includes/views/advanced_forum_handler_field_node_topic_icon.inc

 * @file
 * Field handler to display the topic icon.

 class advanced_forum_handler_field_node_topic_icon extends views_handler_field{
  function construct() {
    $this->additional_fields = array('nid' => 'nid', 'type' => 'type');

  function option_definition() {
    $options = parent::option_definition();

    $options['hot_topic_threshold'] = array('default' => 15);

    return $options;

  function options_form(&$form, &$form_state) {
    parent::options_form($form, $form_state);
    $form['hot_topic_threshold'] = array(
      '#title' => t('Hot topic threshold'),
      '#description' => t('The number of posts a topic must have to be considered "hot".'),
      '#type' => 'textfield',
      '#default_value' => $this->options['hot_topic_threshold'],

  function query() {
    $this->field_alias = $this->table . '_' . $this->field;

  function render($values) {
    $new_posts = advanced_forum_reply_num_new($values->nid);
    return theme('forum_icon', array(
      'new_posts' => $new_posts,
      'num_posts' => empty($values->node_comment_statistics_comment_count) ? 1 : $values->node_comment_statistics_comment_count + 1,
      'comment_mode' => $values->node_comment,
      'sticky' => $values->node_sticky,
      'node_type' => $values->node_type, // This one is new

You can now already override the template file of advanced forum in the theme directory, or could completely overwrite it with the following:


 * @file
 * Display an appropriate icon for a forum post.
 * Available variables:
 * - $new_posts: Indicates whether or not the topic contains new posts.
 * - $icon: The icon to display. May be one of 'hot', 'hot-new', 'new',
 *   'default', 'closed', or 'sticky'.
 * - $node_type: The type of the node that is displayed
 * @see template_preprocess_forum_icon()
 * @see advanced_forum_preprocess_forum_icon()
<?php if ($new_posts): ?>
  <a name="new">
<?php endif; ?>

<?php if (!empty($icon_class)): ?>
<span class="<?php print "topic-icon topic-icon-$icon_class topic-icon-node-type-$node_type"; ?>"><?php print "$icon_title"; ?></span>
<?php endif; ?>

<?php if ($new_posts): ?>
<?php endif; ?>


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