I don't know if this qualifies as a bug or intended behavior. But I recently ran node export on about 16,000 nodes and it worked great. Until I noticed that this set the modified/updated date on all the nodes to the current date. This is a huge problem for my site as the specific update status is vital to how I use those nodes in the site and now they are all changed. I wasn't modifying anything so I thought, and I never made a backup. Now I'm stuck trying to figure out how to import the old status from another db.

Its not made clear anywhere on the modules page or read me or documentation that exporting the nodes alters your node's updated status. If I had known I would have never used the module.

Is this what its supposed to do? or is there anyway to avoid altering the node updated status when using this module?


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Hi, first of all, thanks for this module to all that hace something to do with it, it's really helpfull.
I thought i had the same problem as Vraja, but now I think I might have the "solution" (at least I found the solution to my problem). It turns out that in my case the problem was not de module, it was me. I came to tell my case because I think it might be the same as Vraja o someone else.
My mistake was that I had done the configuration of the module in the site from which I exported the nodes, even though it says clairly "Import". So, what I did once my mind illuminated is to configure the site where I imported the nodes as to not reset the values when importing.
I'm a little embarrassed of telling this story but i hope i helps somenone else.
Thanks again for the module!

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