When i try to install a new site using this profile i get this error
SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry 'profiles/starterkit_touchpro/starterkit_touchpro.profile' for key 1
this happens in the "Import StarterKit" step


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I got this too.

Looking at other issues on the sooperthemes site gave me a tip (not a very good one though), so I tried this and it worked.

Unpack the download archive file and edit profiles/starterkit_touchpro/starterkit_touchpro.profile. The code in lines 53-62 looked like it might be responsible so I commented it out, then the install worked fine!

A word of warning though, don't try installing this with a database table prefix into a MySQL database (advanced settings during the drupal install), or you'll get an unholy mess of mixed prefixed and unprefixed table names that won't work. If you need table name prefixes, install it first with no name prefix (the default), backup your database to a SQL script and edit it to rename all tables references to use your prefix. Then drop all the database tables and run that script to reload them.