My galleries works well for about one year. But now I find the images on the all galleries page are disappeared. The thumbnail pictures show "No images yet", see the attachment.

I checked each gallery and find they display without problen. Only the all galleries page can't show images.

Anyone can help? Thanks!

no_images_yet_from_media_gallery.jpg82.8 KBastra
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If you click on one of these galleries, you can see all media files?

The only way, i can reproduce this is disabling Gallery media in the teaser view.
Is Gallery Media in teaser view enabled?
Path: admin/structure/types/manage/media-gallery/display/teaser

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I can see all media files as clicking on one of my galleries.

@Moloc, I can access to the path: admin/structure/types/manage/media-gallery/display/teaser But what is your meaning of "disabling Gallery media in the teaser view"?

Yes, a few days ago I tried to promote one gallery to front page in the teaser view, Maybe I got this problem after that.

Now I go back to this gallery and disabled "Promoted to front page" under its Promotion settings. That means now no gallery display in teaser view. But the problem is still not fixed yet.

Any help?

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I find the reason how to display these thumbnail images again.

Go to admin/structure/types/manage/media-gallery/display/teaser.

To select the settings that can display images on the galleries page

  • FIELD: Gallery media
  • FORMAT: Gallery media (File view mode: Gallery collection thumbnail)

That doesn't matter even though the gallery notes are promoted to the front page with teaser.

But if disable the field Gallery media (Hidden) for teaser, the images on the galleries page cannot show up anymore.

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Yes, that are the default settings.
My comment in #1 may be not that clear, sorry.

I asked for the teaser view, because the Galleries are rendered as teaser in the "All Galleries" page.
So it is now working again for you?

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Yes, now all thumbnail images are working well on the "All Galleries" page. But you can't change the teaser settings for the Media Gallery field.

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

Closing, as it seems to have been fixed.