Since our head of German translation for Drupal has not done any real progress in 5 month i'm willing to take this CVS Issue over.

I have translated and corrected over 15 modules of the German translation within 4 days without any external help.

The really important guidelines for a translation are missing in Drupal and are also missing of course in the German translation section.
So i would appreciate it, if the CVS maintainer would consider my proposal.

Also, people that look under the transalation issues, will see who has really done the work on the updates since November last year.
Thumbing through the various issues about the german translation i get kind of feed up.
There has been people like madman, who supplied a good reasonable translation that could have been used as a very good basic trans.
All that would have been done to do, was to take his file and run it against the variuos .po files or the main German de.po as well.
Nothing happend so far in that matter.

It takes one person not more then about a week to get the translation done (from my point of view), prior to not knowing anything about CVS, KBabel, .po files, posting issues. Set aside to make up a have way reasonable guideline of how to translate, what to look for, which tools are to be used and special considerations for German.
All i find is acctually a little bla bla bla of what has been done and what has not been accomplished so far.

If Drupal was to be considerd as an outstanding programm for various issues regarding websites etc. in Germany, the first thing that has to done is that Surface, Helpfiles etc. have to be in GERMAN!!!!

So, i kind of request a support to my proposal from everybody that is waiting for a German translation.

I hope that everybody that is involved kind of understands this message and it is not ment to be personell, but if someone doesn't find the time as a sort of a Teamleader within 5 month to get this kind of actual little job done, i kind of find him unfit to be considered as a CVS Programmer nor a Translation Team leader.

Yes, im bitching and complaining, but look for yourself how many issues have been requested/written about the German translation.

Awaiting your answers,