I need to create a website that has the following:


so the search would include a form that has main categories and their sub categories... plus the layout changes depending on the subcategory: header and background image....

On each subcategory would have a menu, and on each menu (item#1,2 etc) would be a list/directory (some of them featured).

Then on the index page, some featured itens (from the subcategories), other featured articles and suggestions...

when... Is this possible with drupal? :/


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yes it's possible. There's all sorts of ways you wan do searchable listings. Probably the most popular that doesn't involve custom code, is using views with exposed filters, but there are others. You'll also want to consider using facets with search_api.

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Thank you! I just got a book about drupal development and i'm going to try it :D

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be sure to learn to walk (using drupal) before running (developing for drupal). You likely don't need to develop anything to do this. Very often new users that are devs want to go right to coding without fully understanding drupal first. This ends up in a lot of wasted time and frustration. Development should be the last option-- not the first.

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i understand that and you are correct :)
after my install, i'm going to explore and do tests :)

Thank you

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and how about the diferent header and background on each sub-category?

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yep-- that's just styling.