We decided to implement several new features for the 6.x-2.0 version that we'd love to share with the Drupal community:

New features:
- libraries for easier update and theme install for nivo-slider
- nivo-slider 3.x now supported
- select nivo-slider themes in views style options
- improvements for views style/row option forms

The only missing feature of 6.x-2.0 is the thumbnail navigation support, we haven't implemented it because we actually don't need it for our purposes. Maybe someone out there with some free time would like to implement it.

Tested on our site and on a fresh Drupal 6 install with the recent versions of Firefox, Chrome and IE.

- When upgrading from 6.x-2.0 you have to reselect the correct views row style plugin. If the view doesn't work then, try to recreate the view. I had to recreate my view several times during development.

Best regards,

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