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Last updated: October 23, 2012 - 07:22

Release notes

Issue #1817008: Work with block caching
Issue #1809040 by David_Rothstein: Added spaces before and after the accessible markup on facet links for accessibility.
Issue #1808072 by drumm: Resolved backoprt issue with render array links, converted to old-stlye l() function.
Issue #1779670 by rooby: Added more display options for the current search blocks based on keywords and active facet items.
Issue #1751514 by Daniel Kulbe, cpliakas: Resolved double encoding issue with the Current Search Blocks module.
Issue #1701214 by basvredeling: Removed backport of hook_hook_info().
Issue #1728496 by morningtime: Fixed translation of plural strings in current search blocks

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