Having problems with *subject-above*.

The catalog grid is rendering HTML tables and, to be honest, I really do not fancy HTML tables a lot. I also already have a div-based design that I would like to adapt in...

How can I change the tables into divs?

I do not find an option in the view control panel (maybe I am missing it out?)

In D6 with Ubercart 2 I would override the theme_uc_catalog_product_grid() function but seems like this is not the case for D7 + U3 (grid is now using a view).

Please help


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You should be able to go into the view(s) that render the catalog and change the Table to Unformated list.

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Thank you.
I was able, user should go to the uc_catalog view, change the Settings for the Grid in the "Format" box.

You can also remove all CSS styles that drupal will automatically add in for each DIV. Just uncheck the relative enable/disable styles checkboxes.
Next, I will try to figure out how to apply my own styles to those divs....

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