Hello. Wondering if anyone else has had this issue and/or a possible fix for it. I installed Commerce Coupon Beta6. I did this on both my development server and production server (they are identical). On the development server everything is fine. But on the production server the Coupon Menu is not consolidated under the Coupon Tab under the Store tab in the Administration Menu. It just puts all the sub-sections of coupon menu in the Store menu. See screen capture.

Again everything is fine on the development server. All are consolidated under the Coupon Tab in the Store Tab.

I have tried to clear cache on browser and drupal cache. I have tried Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE and different computers with the same result. Also uninstalled Administration menu and reinstalled. Same with the Coupon module. No luck.

Any thoughts? Probably not a bug, because it is fine on my dev server, but any idea how I might go about fixing it.

coupon-admin-menu.png12.04 KBjberg1
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Had the same problem, disabled all coupon modules (coupon, coupon_ui, coupon_fixed_amount and coupon_pct), re-enabled coupon and coupon_ui only, then the others.

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Yes. Problem exists. It can be solved by re-enabling commerce_coupon_* modules.
Commerce Coupon UI have to be enabled the last.