When deleting an image style, you are offered the option of replacing all uses of that style with a new one. We currently have no way to deploy this information, because when a piece of config is deleted, nothing is deployed along with it (its absence indicates the deletion.) We'll need to come up with something for this.

Top of the head thought: when an image style is deleted, we make a special config file with the replacement style info (if specified) aka image.style.large.replacement.yml or something. When config import runs, image_config_import_delete() can look for that file and handle it. This will leave behind an unused file on the source system unless manually removed.

Note this only relates to deploying deleted image styles with the configuration system. This still works in the UI as it did in Drupal 7, which is why it's not critical (this is a bug in CMI, not a regression from existing functionality.)


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discussed this a bit with heyrocker in #drupal-cmi.

i don't think it's a problem with a full export / import - the changes to places that reference the deleted style will be propagated in the config tree.

it is a problem for partial export / import. but really, so is just about anything where the part of the tree that is exported references some changes in the part that's not. building something that supports all of these cases is going to be complex and sucky and will still probably have edge cases.

in general, i don't think we should support partial export / import in core for D8. we should document it's limitations, and let contrib have at it for this cycle. if something robust and not horribly complex comes along, then we can look at bringing it in to core for D9.

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I think @beejeebus is saying that the next step here is to document the limitations in terms of partial export / import
And then leave this up to contrib.

Please if I've misunderstood, fix the status back and clarify the next steps.

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Next step here? As I saw we have no solution here.

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Partial imports are not supported in Drupal 8

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