I have a content type with "Automatically generate the title and hide the title field" set. In the pattern field I put two fields separated with a whitespace : [node:field_arch_nom] [node:field_arch_firstname]
First field is mandatory, second field is not mandatory.

  1. If the second field is empty then I have a whitespace in the node title (ie: "First field ")
  2. With feeds module, when I import nodes (csv parser), an extra comma and a whitespace is added for each fields in the title (ie: "First field, second field, ").

For my feeds importer, I mapped the title with a column in my csv file.

If auto_nodetitle is not enabled on my content type, the title is correctly set when importing nodes, but when I enable it, the extra comma is added.

Any ideas ?

Thank you


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I'm getting the same.

i'm not sure if the bug is in this module or in the feeds module.

will keep looking, but any pointers are welcome.

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Mmhh... If I don't use automatic node title (set the option disabled on content type) then the import works normally, so I'm not sure but I think that the problem is here...

I've try to find the problem unsuccessfully, my investigation stopped in the function _auto_nodetitle_patternprocessor and auto_nodetitle_eval... In case it help

Thank you

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Hi, here's a small update.

It's not just an extra comma, it's two chars, comma and space.

here is some sql i'm using as a post import cleanup, in case it helps:

SET title = left(title, char_length(title)-2)
where right(title, 2 ) = ', '


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You're right, there are two chars...

Finally I have implemented hook_node_presave() and removed the comma and the space like this :

if ($node->type=='my_custom_node_type') {
  $title=trim(str_replace(',', '', $node->my_first_field['und'][0]['value']));
  //Concatenate my_first_field with my_second_field if not blank
  if (!empty($node->my_second_field['und'])) {
    $firstname=trim(str_replace(',', '', $node->my_second_field['und'][0]['value']));
    if ($firstname <> '') {
      $title.= ' ' . $firstname;

That solved my problems

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