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I just checked the interactive prototype and I believe some futures must be added in Drupal Commons for Activity streams in order to try "at least" to compete with Wordpress Buddypress futures. I believe there is a lack of "social networking" modules for drupal 7 at this point, but I strongly think Drupal Commons could change that. Could be a guide for other developers to create better social modules in the future and also get more novice and medium users to use Drupal because of Commons.

What I suggest to be worked on the official release is:

1) Integration with "Statuses" module so that users will be able to post status updates / microblogs like Facebook's Wall / News Feed.
2) Message module to be cointegrated with Statuses module for Activity Streams just like Buddypress.
3) For all messages users should be able to post comments, like or delete it. ( Likes - flag integration is currently out of the box; Post comments - We should use Reply module, Delete message - Use rules?)

Basically 1) 2) 3) will create a profile page with user's own wall just like facebook's.

I love Drupal so muchhh! but I'm stucked with Buddypress because of the lack of social modules in Drupal and I think many non-dev users have these feeling to. I dream of the day when Drupal Commons will change this, I really do.
Nowadays many users want a "Social networking, in a box." like Buddypress but with Drupal futures like views, panels, etc. integrated.

That could be HUGE! That could change everything...



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I too must admit Drupal has me "sprung." I believe this has been discussed before, but although sometimes it's nice to be like the other guys/gals, it's also sometimes nice to lead the way. I think your points should be considered, but I also see so much more potential that they are putting into Drupal Commons. I think that if you look at ALL of the players big and small, you won't find a more "social" system than Drupal.

That's personally where I see Drupal Commons comes into the picture. I would like to see them achieve their goals of being common, and not being specific, otherwise you might need a name change of Drupal Specific.

Those other players did their thing, now it's our time to shine and show them what we can do with DC. I also see these people here as visionaries and leaders, so even though it's good to copy, it is even better to just let them go and be free. Ah, the beauty of Open-Source.

Edit: I can almost guaranty you no matter how much you emulate the others, you will NEVER be them. With a powerful system such as Drupal you can possibly lead the way and be emulated, and I think they are on the right track with "Commons." Please just don't try to be like those others without trying something new and different.

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I agree with topcheese when he says, "just don't try to be like those others without trying something new and different". Being different counts more as more and more open source social softwares evovles such as, elgg, oxwall, buddypress, pligg and so on.... creating redundancy in the field.

However Blue did made a point when he said, "I believe there is a lack of"social networking" modules for drupal 7 at this point, but I strongly think Drupal Commons could change that". Drupal really lacks something at this moment to call itself a social networking script.

Ps: I love Drupal Too!!!!!!

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