The mimemail module causes errors in the flag module because it fails to specify triggers in mimemail_rules_action_info. According to the documentation for hook_action_info, the 'triggers' key is required. See this comment from the author of the flag module saying that he does not consider this to be a bug in that module.

Proposed resolution

Add 'triggers' => array('any') to mimemail_rules_action_info.

Remaining tasks

Will attach my patch but needs testing.

#1 mimemail-action-triggers-1817898-1.patch698 bytessamalone
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Status: Active » Needs review
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My proposed patch is attached.

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Project: Mime Mail » Pathauto
Status: Needs review » Closed (duplicate)

The hook_action_info() implementation in Mime Mail is right, see in the repository. I think this was triggered and fixed by Pathauto in #1356786: Notice: Undefined index: triggers in flag_node->get_valid_actions() (line 1334 of /hsphere/local/home/...../sites/all/modules/fl.