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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

We are the premier Drupal agency in Spain and a global leader in Drupal consulting and development.  La Drupalera is a special project from Emergya, an IT consultancy specialist in Open Source.
Our team consists of over 300 multidisciplinary professionals from different technologies and experts in back-end and front-end Drupal development, which allows us to approach each project from a global perspective.

As an expert Drupal agency, we have extensive experience in online marketing and consultancy, specializing in design, development and support of large web sites powered by Drupal. Thus, not only do we make great web development, but we offer a 360º consulting service that extends from the initial design and prototyping to the final performance of the site.

We do not just make web projects based in Drupal; we are an agency that supports our customers every step of the way to ensure not only the optimal technical performance of the work but the end user perceived quality and a job well done.

Our philosophy is based on being with the client before, during and after the project, providing ongoing support and expert guidance in order to achieve all its objectives.

We have headquarters in Spain (Madrid and Seville), UK, Chile and also in Switzerland.

Contact us at La Drupalera.

Check out more about our Drupal services at La Drupalera.

A Spanish version of La Drupalera is also available.

Drupal Services:

  • Drupal Development
  • Drupal Consulting
  • Interface (UX) Design
  • Drupal maintenance and Support
  • Drupal Migration

Specialized in:

  • Large corporate sites
  • E-Commerce
  • E-Government
  • Social networking platforms
  • Multimedia-oriented web sites
  • Marketing campaign sites
  • Multilingual sites

Projects supported by La Drupalera

The training and experience of our team of Drupals experts, the cohesive integration of different technical profiles, and our digital strategy have enabled us to work with large international companies.

These entities and large organizations have trusted on La Drupalera to lead to success specific projects. 

Drupal contributions


La Drupalera developers have contributed to Drupal modules, patches to contributed modules, translations, themes and patches to Drupal core.


As a Drupal expert agency, we have committed to be an active part of the Community not only with sponsorship and support of the Spanish Association of Drupal, but with hours of research contributing to Core Drupal with the effort of our team, generating interesting content to help others Drupalers and relating the incredible possibilities of this technology to students.

La Drupalera developers are active users with a significant presence in #drupal-es IRC channel, Local Drupal Group of Seville, Spanish Association of Drupal (AED) and Drupal Association.
La Drupalera has also hosted several meetings of local groups, Global Training Days and has contributed with the organization of many Drupalcamps.

Events and Trainings

User groups

Several members of La Drupalera are organizers as well as participants in the Local Drupal Group of Seville. Many of them are also part of the Spanish Drupal Association, with several Dupalera employees sitting on the board of the organization.

Some of our Talks & Presentations

  • Efficiently theming a multi-site Drupal 8 portal - Drupal Dev Days Seville 2017 View slideshow
  • Beyond the web: Mobile apps using Drupal & Ionic 2 - Drupal Dev Days Seville 2017 View slideshow
  • Docker, your best ally to migrate & upgrading your Drupal - Drupal Dev Days Seville 2017 View slideshow
  • QA on Drupal projects - Drupal Dev Days Seville 2017 View slideshow
  • Responsive testing in Drupal - Drupal Dev Days Seville 2017 View slideshow
  • Drupal Seville february 2017 View slideshow
  • Drupal Summer Barcelona 2016 View slideshow
  • This is Drupal! - Global Training Days 2015. View slideshow
  • Drupal Summer Course View slideshow
  • This is Drupal! - Global Training Days 2015. View slideshow
  • Conference for the Government of Chile: Drupal vs Wordpress View slideshow
  • Drupalcamp Spain 2016: Case study based on Drupal - Procomún View Slideshow
  • Tuesday Free Software in the Faculty of Computer Engineering of Seville: Marketing, Community , Employment and International Business based on Drupal View slideshow
  • May meeting of the Local Drupal Group of Seville: How to create an effective marketing strategy based on Drupal? View slideshow
  • Drupal Web Development Management (Gestión de desarrollos web con Drupal)
  • Accelerating the beginnings of Project: Drupal distributions with Profiles, Features and Drush Make (Acelerando los inicios de proyecto: distribuciones Drupal con Profiles, Features y Drush Make) View slideshow
  • Emergya - Microsoft Roundtable: Business models around Drupal (Mesa Redonda Emergya - Microsoft: Modelos de negocio en torno a Drupal) Roundtable between Microsoft and Emergya members talking about Drupal and Free Software as business model. View slideshow
  • Coordination and management of large web projects developed in Drupal (Coordinación y gestión de grandes proyectos web desarrollados en Drupal) Talk between Javier Carranza (Alquimia) and Fran Seva (Emergya Project Manager) View slideshow
  • Brutus Theme: A different theme (Brutus Theme: Un tema diferente) View slideshow
  • Brutus Theme Workshop (Taller de Brutus Theme) View slideshow
  • Drupal 7 and Entities (Drupal 7 y Entities) View slideshow
  • Contributing to Drupal. View slideshow
  • Views 2 styles plugin workshop (Taller de plugins de styles para Views 2) View slideshow

Contact us at La Drupalera.

Projects supported

simple_git, WebRTC Integration, Cloudfront Edge Caching, Drupal Origins, Da Vinci, Ubercart Cart Login Flow, i18n page views

Credited on 6 issues fixed in the past 3 months