... but needed to enable the modules "Debut Media" and "Open Outreach Front Page".


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The dev branch of Debut Media doesn't require Styles. The next release won't have the Styles dependency. We're removing Styles from Open Outreach since Styles appears to be unmaintained and isn't keeping up with changes in Media and File entity. You can still choose to use Styles, but it won't ship with Open Outreach.

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But in "7.x-1.0-rc5+12-dev" of "Open Outreach" we need "Styles" because to enable the modules "Debut Media" and "Open Outreach Front Page" we need the module "File Styles", which is part of "Styles".

That has to be changed too.

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If you're using the dev branch you have to expect a bit of instability. I've added a relevant note to the release node, http://drupal.org/node/1215374.

I suppose we could partially address this issue by switching to the dev branch of Debut features in the drupal-org.make file every time there's new work there, but that would introduce issues of its own, in that it would package up unstable versions of the features.

See also #1817872: Issue RC6 release of Open Outreach.

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Same problem as #2. Furthermore, I can't enable/disable any modules until I've enabled file_styles. Drupal gives a message saying that modules "Debut Media" and "Open Outreach Front Page" will be disabled whenever I try to save any changes on the modules admin page.

It looks like this is caused by "dependencies[] = debut_media" in openoutreach_front_page.info. Although that file doesn't list file_styles as a dependency, debut_media.info does.

This appears to be resolved in the dev branch of debut_media, as the dependency was removed. See #1706866: Remove dependency on Styles module. Once that's committed, things should be smooth again. Good work, nedjo!

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@sheldonkreger: what version of Open Outreach and/or Debut Media do you have installed?

Open Outreach 7.x-1.0-rc6 includes Debut Media 7.x-1.0-rc3, which includes this fix.

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I was using 7.x-dev. Switching to 7.x-1.0-rc6 fixed it.

Much thanks, nedjo!

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@nedjo (#5):

Thank you very much. This dev version is ok.

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